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HODL physical Bitcoin

⚡ Value of $1 is approximately

⚡ Value of 1 Bitcoin is approximately or

wsb Start outsider Trading

Warning: Probably you will lose all your funds during stonk trading. Also markets could be harmed by irrational trading behavior like buy and hodl or buy stonks because you like them.
Dont't buy Bitcoin on Platforms where you can't witdrawl your Bitcoins to your own Wallet.

Whats going on in the Mempool?


Transaction Fee Recommendation:

8 sats/vByte (If you have time)

sats/vByte for Block in next hour

sats/vByte for Block in next 30 Minutes

sats/vByte for next Block

Bitcoin Core PR Review Club

What is this?

A weekly club for reviewing Bitcoin Core PRs at 17:00 UTC on Wednesdays on IRC.

What’s it for?

To help newer contributors learn about the Bitcoin Core review process. The review club is not primarily intended to help open PRs get merged (although that might be a nice side-effect).

Who should take part?

Anyone who wants to learn about contributing to Bitcoin Core. All are welcome to come and ask questions!

Join the Club
Run your own Bitcoin Node
Probably most secure Bitcoin Wallet

(If you trust ordinary Hardware)

Run your own Bitcoin Node

Run and integrate your own and decentral payment processor


3d printed Bitcoin stuff and Filament

5% Discount-code: dollarlol

Build your own Lightning ATM


Secure Bitcoin Hardware

((If you DON'T trust ordinary Hardware))

coinkite coldcard

Decentral Bitcoin Marketplace


Build your own Point of Sale


See who push the Lightning Community


The Ultimate Bitcoin Dashboard


Use the Bitcoin satellite


🇯🇵 1 ¥ Yen = sats
🇺🇸 1 $ US Dollar = sats
🇪🇺 1 € Euro = sats
🇨🇭 1 Fr Swiss Franken = sats
🇬🇧 1 £ British Pound = sats
🇦🇺 1 AU$ Australian Dollar = sats
🇨🇦 1 CA$ Canadian Dollar = sats